Monday, November 3, 2008

Social Junkie

I was told recently that I was a social butterfly, or better yet a social junkie. That I put my social life before anything else and that I thrive on meeting new people and making new friends.
I thought about it.
Is there a problem with that?
The last time I checked it was a good thing to want to be social and make new friends, and while I understand people's concerns about my priorities, they should fuck off. In all honesty, this is the prime time in my life right now, hello people! 
I am still young, and still in boring ass college, so now really is the best time to make new friends and meet new people. Don't be a hater. I am sorry if you are not as social as me. Although I pride myself on my bitchiness, I also pride myself on my friendliness and those two words are basically opposites. I am always down to meet new people, as long as someone is interesting. I hate boring people. I hate people who want to tell me their sad and miserable life story. I am a happy person, and I am not trying to be caught up with that bullshit and brought down.

On another note. I was thinking about my YouTube recently, and I have yet to decide if I want to be chatting to my computer and posting it online. Been there, and done that. But I suppose I am pretty bored, and this thing doesn't entertain me enough.

So going back to the first topic of interest, is there really anything wrong with being a social junkie. I definitely do thrive on meeting new people, but more importantly I thrive on surrounding myself with awesome people, and who wouldn't want to do that. I am not going to sit home and be sad and mopey with no friends. I want to be out, drink a little, listen to music, and meet new people. Go on some adventures. So that is just what I will be doing, and you sir are MORE than welcome to join me on my adventures. 

love always,
me <3

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