Wednesday, November 12, 2008

jelly belly jelly beans and other things

My Favorite flavor by far is the buttered popcorn.
I dont really care if everyone thinks its gross. I think its delicious!
What's your favorite flavor of jellybean.
Burnt Marshmallow is good, although real burnt marshmallows are kind of gross.
Has anyone seen the "recipes" they have on their website?
I am not exactly sure how a buttered popcorn and a blueberry make a blueberry muffin, and a dr pepper with a cherry does not make cherry cola, they would need a coca cola flavored jelly bean which would be gross. There Shouldn't be more than one lemon flavored jelly bean, and what is the real difference between a berry blue and blueberry jelly bean, other than the color?
The cappuccino flavor? enough said.
The fruit salad recipe is silly.
They need to come up with more flavors, and better ones at that.
I have tried all of the silly recipes they have and none of them are good.
Why do they have a margarita flavor?
They should make an alcoholic line of jelly beans, ones that mimic every alcoholic drink, and infused with alcohol, that way you can get drunk by eating jelly beans.

my biggest issue is the banana split. It shouldnt include 6 flavors. Who wants to have 6 flavors in their mouth at once. If it could be narrowed down to Banana, chocolate pudding, and french vanilla it would be fine and maybe throw a strawberry jam in there, to add some tang to it.

YUCK YUCK TO LICORICE. (i pick them out and throw them away)

Does anyone remember that drink called Orbitz, with the gross little squishy things in it. I think they discontinued it, and good thing at that. It was disgusting.
Popular candy from the 90's
Bottle caps.
Warheads. (actually were good)
charleston chews
Bubble Jug
Giant Jawbreakers
Push Pops.
Band aid gum.
Ring Pops.
Pop Rocks
BUbble Tape.
Fun Dip.
Shock tarts.
Gummi Bears.
Pixie Sticks.
Sour Patch Kids.

If anyone remembers anything that should be added to the list feel free to comment!

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DryIcer said...

Hell yea Warheads!!