Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Normal Bob Smith

Normal Bob Smith is a good friend of mine, I have known him for almost six years, and I am so proud of him, he took a silly little idea and blew it up, and now he is going somewhere with himself. It may not be the most conventional way to do things, and his ideas are extremely controversial, but all the same, he is an amazing person, and I think that more people should know about him. FOr those of you who are religious, this is not the thing for you. He makes the Jesus Dress up magnets that are sold in many of the Urban Outfitter stores, he is the creator of the "God Is Fake" fliers, and the founder of www.Normalbobsmith.com
He is also the founder of the Unholy Army of Catholic School Girls, which I was an original member of. He was in a documentary about the Bob Smiths across America, and he has funny comics about Jesus and Satan. If you live in the city and have been around Union Square then I am sure you have seen him or heard of him. Sometimes he dresses up as Satan, and does a fabulous job at it. I guess I just want people to check him out. Don't knock it till you try it. Within the next week or two there will be an interview with him. So stay tuned for that. These are some of the pictures from about five years ago when we took the city by surprise. Love you kids. <3

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