Friday, November 7, 2008

judgement day

Has anyone ever noticed that Americans are overly judgemental?
I can't even deny the fact that I am not judgemental.
I judge people everyday.
People judge me everyday.
But I don't really think that it's the proper way to go about life.
But I can't help it, most people can't.
First impressions are actually just first judgements.
You meet someone, and you assume hundreds of different things about them.
Based on their hair, eyes, skin, shoes, clothes, location.
Everyone always has something to say.
So what now?
Do I continue to be judgemental?
Or do I make a severe attempt to stop?

NYC is filled with some of the most judgemental people, as well as LA.
Two cities in the world, that probably have the most judgemental people on the planet, all crammed into two little cities.
I love the city, but when I walk down the street I see people.
I like her hair.
I like her shoes.
I like his shirt.

I wonder what they are saying about me.
The real question is.
Do I care?
NO. not at all.
It amuses me when people shoot me dirty looks.
Who the fuck are you? grilling me?
Just another person in the city.
Lack of confidence I suppose.
Thats what judgement comes down to.
self confidence.
those who don't judge, are confident.
So i guess I am not self confident.
I am, to a certain extent.
Everyone has their flaws.
Most people worry about them.
How can I go about my daily life and not worry about them.

Let's try it.
I'll get back to you


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