Friday, October 24, 2008

Public Restrooms

So, over the past few days I have noticed that women tend to wash their hands after using the restroom if there is another person in the bathroom.  I sat in a stall the other day and picked me feet up to hide, and about four women just walked out.  Thats gross.  Everyone should wash their hands, no matter who the fuck is watching.  I think its quite funny though, how women are so concerned with what other women think.  I think what men don't realize is that when a girl gets dressed up, and asks you how she looks.  She isn't as concerned with what you really think, she's more concerned with what the women she may or may not encounter think.  Girls are judgemental.  But in a way, thats how we were raised.  With the magazines, and movies.  The dumb celebrities.  In the world today, women are basically told that they will never be as good as those women on tv. but in all honesty. fuck those women on tv. what are they really good at. so they have a nice face, or a nice body. who gives a crap? i sure as hell don't.  

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‹3//Josiah› said...

indeed, fuck those bitches :)

i like your profile a lot

ill be your first if you be mine (follower that is)