Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An affair?

How can people bring themselves to have an affair?
Why not just break it off and enjoy the single life if its what you are after?
I don't see why anyone would put another person through that, just for a little sex. 
If it ever came down to it, I think I would rather break it off, then make the person miserable and cheat on them. And fuck the person who is allowing themselves to be the side project. 
The women who are okay with it the ones who do it for the money and the nice presents. It makes me feel bad for them. 

Another thing I cannot stand is the trophy wives of America.  The dumb bitches who are good for nothing except maybe some sex, and live off of their man's money. What is that all about? 
Make you own damn money, and marry someone rich, isn't it better that way?

I want my own money. My own fame. My own life. I want to share it with someone, but in all honesty, don't really care if I do or don't.  

I miss the days of adventures.
I want a new adventure.
Anyone want to come on an adventure with me?

A little wine.
Everyone should have a drink on me. 
Loosen up a little.
Enjoy Life!

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